Am only placing below what specifically pertains to canine Megaesophagus. It in no way reflects everything that has affected completing this effort.

11+ years providing management and other ME support

7+ years supplying full (including, but not limited to,) management, finding experienced DVMs  nearby, tweaking home schedules to handle ME dogs, safely transporting using air and ground, talking by phone to more quickly supply needed support, being the “ears” several times by speaker phone with specialty hospitals when ME owners have needed more experienced person to listen and ask appropriate questions, etc) ME support to owners, rescues, veterinarians, specialty centers, University teaching hospitals, military personnel, law enforcement, shelters, and owners worldwide

6 years supplying support on on-line groups (was admin on one) and privately as well

7+ years
–   Own and run the rehoming megaesophagus dogs effort (have affected 925+ ME dogs only in the need foster or forever homes capacity)
Helped rehome ME dogs in 6 other countries
Known as the go-to for this effort worldwide by all entities listed above which has also allowed us to safely get ME dogs out of shelters nationwide
–   The go-to for personal ME home management support in Houston and surrounding areas
–   Help provide whatever support is needed for dogs who receive PRAA surgery (usually includes being requested personally when here in Houston)
–   Supplying ME support to all entities listed above

You may also see both our ME GSDs we have had in the past 11+ years on the Contact Me page of this site so will not repeat
Can also read the story on the Home Page about why and how this effort began and was completed