How to give meds by mouth:
Don’t give any meds in solid form to a dog with megaesophagus before meals without giving it some fluid to wash it down, or in a meatball, all while in vertical position for 10-15 mins. Otherwise it is just sitting in the esophagus or waiting to be hacked back up.
Greenies Pill Pockets work wonders with my dogs. They all love the taste, so they gobble them up without bothering to try to “pick through it.” As for the mega-babies, the Pill Pockets go down really well (meatball principle).

How to give meds with tube feeding:
I see no reason why the acid inhibitor cannot be crushed and put through the tube, flushing with water, afterwards.
We crushed all of our dogs meds for the feeding tube. And, they worked fine.  In fact, it worked so well, we still crush everything and mix it in with her liquified Hill’s Prescription Canned food. I know that it’s suggested with some of the acid inhibitors to give them whole. But, it was a necessity to crush them to get them through the tube. And, my theory is, if it works, don’t mess with it!