Things that can be done to help stop this action:
1) Adding fiber, in the form of canned pumpkin, may be helpful
2) Consider adding dog probiotics (Prostora or Proviable are especially well-considered by veterinary gastroenterologists)
3) Accent, in appropriate amounts will not cause vomiting, and has been reported to work in some dogs
4) FRESH, not canned, pineapple juice
5) ForBid powder in each feeding to make poop taste bad to dog
6) Probiotics such as Fortiflora, Proviable and Prostora
7) Vitamin supplement
8) Plant enzymes in each meal (from health food store)
9) basket muzzle w/ nylon stocking over the end, whenever goes outside.

There are a few other pieces of information for consideration :
1) Antibiotic Responsive Enterocolitis – treat with Amoxicillin/Metronidazole and Carafate; and/or, some of these dogs will respond to chronic use of Tylosin
2) May suggest to dvm that a “chronic diarrhea” fecal panel be performed through either Idexx or Antech, whichever national lab is used, to rule out a variety of organisms that can cause these symptoms