Make sure you tell any veterinarian clinic or emergency clinic that your has ME. IF they do not appear experienced, make sure you try hard to remain in eyesight with your dog so you may help provide possible ideas regarding positioning pending what needs to be done. This might not be possible, but you ARE your dogs only advocate, so try respectfully, but firmly so at least ylou might be able to keep regurg, aspiration pneumonia (AP), etc. issues to a minimal.

If this is suspected aspiration pneumonia many of us do keep some Baytril on hand for this situation. This is extremely good if you are after your normal DVMs hours but know starting the antibiotic(s) work best for your dogs management. Some DVMs, even at an ER clinic, may provide you with a few antibiotic doses to get you back to your doctor tomorrow and there is always Care Credit to try to get by. If none of that is possible and you can’t borrow from family or friends, AND can’t get in contact with your DVM by phone today (mine allows me to call on his cell in emergencies).

The only additional thing that could be tried if you suspect AP is to also start nebulizing and using coupage.