1.     Train a vet tech, friend, relative or other to either do all in home or where kenneled
2.     Video and write all instructions to whomever is kenneling or caring for your ME dog
3.     Doggie daycare
4.     Find another ME owner who might be in your area

Include detailed instructions no matter who cares for your ME dog:
1.     How to make food (consistency, amount, brand/type)
2.     How dog gets food and water (method, times/day, what used for vertical, etc.)
3.     Any options for snacks or treats (Knox Blox, peanut butter, cream cheese, etc.)
4.     Use of Pro Collar or other form of elevation at night and possibly all the time (if Pro Collar)
5.     Medications (name, amount, times/day, etc.)
6.     Emergency information (DVM, after hours emergency/surgical, your info)