Since each of us who have these ME dogs have their own set of items needed during the lifetime of their dog, many of us find some comfort when ours leave in helping others. This means we find someone who has a need for things such as chairs, food, nebulizers, etc. This can be one of the most loving ways to honor your ME dog. In some instances, owners have written something about their dog and even included pictures that go along with the item. This gives a more personal touch and adds to the “trail” if that item gets paid forward more often down the road.

Fortunate to be both sender and receiver:
Being the receiver of these items usually makes our hearts heavy knowing someone probably lost their ME dog in order for it to get a new home. But they can help honor that gesture by making sure the prior owner knows how grateful they are to have that help for their dog. We are the receivers of a chair for our ME GSD Gretyl and we knew the person whose ME Lab died making that gift possible. We made sure we took pictures of our girl using the chair and sent them to the prior owner so they knew by also seeing it being used. We included it with a hand written note of utmost thanks but also acknowledging their loss.

We were also able to pay forward a very special chair built for our beloved ME GSD Sonnig after she passed away. That was such a difficult time, but our hearts could feel a little better seeing and knowing a special friends ME Irish Wolfhound now had what he needed. To this day and years later, that chair is so used and have offered to have another made and delivered, but because that particular one was our girls, our friend wishes to continue honoring pour girl by keeping hers in use.

Paying forward:
When the time comes to lose your beloved dog, contact any ME group or person with your interest in donating to someone else to help their dog. Most of us can get that information “out there” so you find the right home.

Being the receiver:
Please do acknowledge the most kind, generous but difficult decision that person had in giving you a very special gift. Saying thank you is of course warranted, but doing something special such as a card and/or pic(s) of your dog using their gift is even better.

**** IF you cannot find a way to pay something forward, please feel free to contact me at email of and will get your request out there quickly.