Transport Request plus Liability Waiver
For Intrastate and Interstate Companion Animal

This information is required before any transport plans are made. Flying Paws volunteer pilots transport from airport to airport only. Any required ground transportation is the responsibility of the sending and receiving parties. For longer transports, sending and receiving parties must have a “standby foster” arrangement in place at any intermediate stop along the transport route in the event the transport must be aborted due to weather, mechanical or other unknown events. Both the sending and receiving parties will be in close contact with the Flying Paws Flight Coordinator as well as with the individual pilot volunteer. 48 hrs before the flight, a copy of all required documents must be faxed to the Flight Coordinator and the original documents including transport information, state health certificate, proof of shots, altering and microchip number must be given to the Flying Paws volunteer pilot before the flights departure or the flight will be canceled. All animals may not be sedated unless a veterinarian is present at the airport to supervise and it is required due to the animals veterinary medical transport specified on the Health Certificate. The safety and well-being of the companion animal in transport is Flying Paws major concern.

Sending Shelter or Rescue:

Contact Name: ___________________________________________ Day Phone: ___________________
Organization: ____________________________________________ Evening Phone: _______________
Street Address: __________________________________________ Cell Phone: ___________________
City, State, Zip: ___________________________________________ Fax: _________________________
Alternate Contact Name/Phone: _____________________________ Email: ________________________
Shelter/Rescue URL:______________________________________

Transport Animal’s Veterinarian:

Contact Name: ___________________________________________ Day Phone: _____________________
Organization: ____________________________________________ Evening Phone: _________________
Street Address: __________________________________________ Cell Phone: _____________________
City, State, Zip: __________________________________________ Fax: ___________________________
Alternate Contact Name/Phone: ____________________________ Email: _________________________
Vet Hospital URL:_______________________________________

Receiving Rescue or Adopter:

Contact Name: __________________________________________ Day Phone: _____________________
Organization: ___________________________________________ Evening Phone: _________________
Street Address: _________________________________________ Cell Phone: _____________________
City, State, Zip: _________________________________________ Fax: ___________________________
Alternate Contact Name/Phone: ___________________________ Email: __________________________
Rescue URL:____________________________________________

General Information Needed for Transport Requests

Reason for Transport: (Circle the answer) Forever Home, another Rescue, Veterinary Transport,
Hospice, Service Dog, Legal Transport
Beginning City/ State: ________________________________________________________________
Ending City/State: ___________________________________________________________________
Desired Week of Transport: ___________________________________________________________
Breed of Animal: ___________________________________________ Weight: ________________
Sex: (Circle the Answer): Male Neutered Female Spayed Age: __________________
Behavior Issues: (Circle the answer): Calm Hyperactive Fearful Barky Bites Afraid of being
Picked up, not crate trained, Leash trained, not leash trained, Runs, Any other issues
Special Handling Required: (Circle the answer): None, Blind, Deaf, Physically handicapped,
Senior, Medications

Medical Information for Transport

Micro chipped (Required): Number______________________________ Registered: ______________
Altering (Required): Noted on Health Certificate or Rabies Certificate. Veterinarian Certificate needed if
Animal is not altered stating health reason why not altered.
Rabies Vaccination: Required on all animals over 3 months of age. Must provide Rabies Certificate.
State Health Certificate: Required on all transports crossing a State Line by ground or air.
DHPP Vaccinations: Date Given: ________________________ State on Health Certificate Current
Bordatella: Date Given: ______________________________ State on Health Certificate Current
Heartworm Test: Date Done: ___________________________ Results: Positive Negative
Type of Heartworm Prevention: ________________________________________
Date Given: ________________________________________________________
Flea and Tick Prevention: Date Done: __________________ Type: ______________________
Allergies (Circle the answer): None Food Contact
Fecal test for worms (Circle the answer): None Worms present
Type of worms: _____________________________________________________
Treatment prescribed by Veterinarian: __________________________________

Feline Transports (Circle the answer): Following Tests are Required
FIV: Positive, Negative
FIA: Positive, Negative
FIE: Positive, Negative
FeLV: Positive, Negative
FTLV: Positive, Negative
Note: Veterinary Health Certificate must indicate results of the above tests.
Feline Rabies: Date Given :_______________________( Required) Rabies Certificate
Allergies (Circle the answer): None Food Contact
Fecal Test for worms (Circle the answer): None Worms Present
Type of worms: ________________________________________________
Treatment prescribed by Veterinarian: _______________________________________
Fleas/ Ticks Present: Yes No Treatment: ___________________________________________

Our Concern about Sick or Infected Animals: Read Carefully

Flying Paws insists that an animal be free of all illness and has not been in the presence of a contagious disease or, if an illness or exposure is present, that Flying Paws is made fully aware of the illness prior to arranging or performing a transport. This is an issue of major concern to Flying Paws. Transportation of an infected animal can result in a plane being contaminated and make the plane unsuitable for animal transport for periods up to one year. Any individual or organization that knowingly provides an ill/infected animal for transport will be liable for the cost of any decontamination that is required to make the plane suitable for transport and will be permanently barred from transporting animals by Flying Paws. If an animal is transported and you later become aware that the animal is ill, infected, or exposed to a disease that is contagious to animals or humans, you must contact Flying Paws immediately and provide all available information including veterinary contacts. Failure to provide this information will permanently bar the individual and the organization that the individual represents from transporting animals by Flying Paws. The cost of decontamination of the airplane will be born by the individual releasing the animal for transport. By providing an animal for transport, you and the organization you represent are automatically agreeing to comply with the statements in this section on ill/infected animals. If you do not agree with these statements and/or are unwilling or unable to comply, then do not submit an animal for transport.

If transport is for veterinary medical reasons or the animal has a medical condition then the following are required:
 Veterinary information, veterinary health certificate and copies of all veterinary records.
 Veterinary detailed description of the medical condition
 All medicines, correctly labeled in the original container with the veterinary hospital identification. Specific directions for administering and times of admistration.
 Careful and complete veterinary labels on all medicines transported giving the name of the animal, veterinarian prescribing, along with dosage to be give, time to be given, method of giving, refrigeration needed or not, and name of medicine
 Short description of any potential behavior or information which you and your veterinarian feel is important for the transporting or handling of the animal
 Any sedation must be given by the veterinarian for medical reasons and given at the airport in the presence of the pilot so that flight altitude and oxygenation can be discussed with the veterinarian before the flight.

Liability Waiver for Shelters and Rescues Sending Animals for Flying Paws Transport

I, the undersigned, understand that Flying Paws is a volunteer organization, voluntarily providing free air transportation by privately owned or rented aircraft for special needs rescue animals and are not financially reimbursed for the expenses of the flights. Flying Paws members provide help with promotions, educational programs or emergency fosters for animals in transport and are not financially reimbursed for any personal expenses. I, the undersigned, agree to waive and do waive and release Flying Paws, its officers, directors or other volunteers from any and all claims including, but not limited to, liability for negligence, any personal injury or property damage that might be suffered, and an wrongful death actions which an estate might bring, arising out of injury during any Flying Paws flight or activity. It is understood and acknowledged that my signing this Waiver of Liability is bound and effective for any and all Flying Paws flights or activities. I further understand that the pilot in command (PIC) of a Flying Paws flight has the final decision concerning the cancellation of the flight due to weather, mechanical problems or for any reason whatsoever, if in their judgment the flight can not be completed in a safe manner. The providing of this transportation is totally voluntary and if there is any reason whatsoever that the flight can not be completed in a safe manner; the flight will be cancelled or postponed. I also understand that that all animals must be transported in appropriate kennels and/or cages and must be accompanied by all required paperwork. Kennels are provided by the Flying Paws pilots to fit in their specific aircraft and remain the property of the pilot. If a feline is to be transported, it must be in a kennel provided by the rescue.

I, the undersigned, do herby certify that I am legally able to release the above named/described animal and all of its documents for transport to the receiving entity. I furthermore, understand and give authority to Flying Paws to determine if any changes must be made in the transport for flight or animal safety and to make such changes. Should the animal become ill during transport or any question concerning the health of the animal in Flying Paws care during a transport arise, the pilot has the authority to make decisions regarding whether the animal will be taken to the nearest veterinary facility (emergency landing) or whether the flight will continue to its next fueling or overnight destination where veterinary care will be instituted. If an animal’s health or condition is questioned by the pilot at any time, transport will continue only after a veterinarian has determined that continued transport will in no way endanger the animal, pilot or airplane. Should such a decision be made by the pilot, the animal will not be released to any person until the veterinarian certifies that the animal is healthy and that the reason for the need for veterinary care is corrected. I, the responsible person releasing the animal for transport, understand that I or the organization I represent are responsible for all veterinary costs that result from the pilot’s decision to seek veterinary consultation and care for the animal in transport. I will be contacted should this occurs by a Flying Paws representative after the animal is receiving veterinary care. I forever release Flying Paws, its agents, pilots or anyone involved in the transport of this animal from all liability for transporting and caring for this animal and from any liability resulting from previous actions of the animal/or agents.

I understand the animal:
1) Must receive a small amount of food and water at least one hour before the flight.
2) Must have been walked and allowed to relieve itself during the hour before flight and before boarding the plane.
3) Must have a harness and leash on (for flight safety)
4) Must travel in a kennel during the flight
5) Can have a toy, blanket or something which the animal is familiar with in the kennel provided that there is room in the kennel.

I,________________________________________________________,(responsible party, release for transport the animal described above to the designated Flying Paws pilot at a time and place mutually agreed upon by the parties. At the destination airport, this animal is to be released to
_________________________________________________________, (name of person) who is the adopter, or representative of shelter (_______________________________________________________) or veterinary hospital (______________________________________________________________).

Signature: ___________________________________________________ Date: ____________________
Printed Name: ___________________________________________________

Please Fax this completed form to Flying Paws at 928-636-7151 at least 48 hrs before the flight. Include copies of the Health Certificate and Proof of Rabies. The originals must be given to the pilot.

Release of the Animal at Destination

I, _________________________________________________________ a representative of
______________________________________________________ received ___________________________
At ____________________________________________ Airport on _________________________________.

Signature: ____________________________________________________ Date: _______________________
Printed Name: __________________________________________________