Treatment specifics:
–   Most veterinary pulmonologists suggest both Baytril A N D either amoxicillin or clavamox for 4-6 weeks for AP

–   Clavamox could cause nausea, so could try Cerenia

–   Use the LEAST amount, or the less aggressive antibiotic, at an appropriate dose, and for a long enough time, because these dogs may need antibiotics in the future and we want to “save” the more high powered for later if necessary

–   Nebulizer with saline or Albuterol (See chapter called Nebulizer)

–  Check out the nebulization link at and look at “nebulizer link” for more information
Can purchase nebulizers on Ebay
If no nebulizer, can turn shower on and keep in bathroom for the steam.

–   Coupage (See chapter called coupage)

–   Percussion therapy (go to and type in dog percussion therapy for a demo video)

–   May use wet towels or ice packs if can’t get to DVM immediately; can also place frozen vegetables under arm pits and on head for comfort and relief

–   If it recurs within a few weeks after stopping the antibiotics may need to have a tracheal wash or bronchoalveolar lavage to isolate the causative agent and the best antibio

–   Give fluids sub-q if/as need

–   Use lactaited Ringers” for electrolytes if/as need

–   May use Cerinia injections for a few days as well, and liquid carafate for a few days

–   Try to feed baby food first and work up to normal

–   ALWAYS feed in the manner ME dog is accustomed (vertical or elevated) unless IV only

–   Get informed, get your vet’s advice on options, but in the end you know your dog best as to what they will or will not accept

–   If esophagitis is suspected, pain meds, as well as oral carafate (sucralfate) is indicated

–   Endoscopy is needed to diagnose esophagitis, but, not necessary, because if it is suspected, treatment can safely be instituted