“Hi Everyone,

I’d like to tell you a story. Moe’s story. Moe was born to a little  of 8 puppies, all with ME, 7 of those were put down because of it.  Moe went to a  home and lived with them all of the 3 years of his life. He was  recently turned over to the animal shelter. We adopted him… not  knowing what all his condition involved. After bringing him home and  realizing that something  was seriously wrong. I got online and google ME, and googled and  googled until I found this site. Since I’ve brought Moe home he’s  had good days and  bad days with his condition. They told us he had ME but didn’t know anything  but what they were told which was to elevate his food and water and  to take  his water away for a half hour before and after eating. Since we’re  had Moe home with us, we have tried the vertical feedings with the regular  diet,  the liquid, the meatball, the milkshake, etc. He still regurgs. I have  2 small children (3 and 8months) at home. I’ve tried so hard to juggle all  that along with trying to fit Moe’s needs into that schedule. The  bottom line is I decided that I needed to think with my head and not my heart because  the 2 never agree! I have looked at this realistically, after many  conversations from everyone on this site and have realize I need to  listen to the advise  given. I need to think of my family first. I simply don’t have the  time to give Moe the quality of life he deserves. I have communicated with  the Manager of the Humane Society where we adopted Moe and they paid  for him to see a vet to determine any other possible explanation. Unfortunately there isn’t. It is ME and the shelter has asked that Moe be returned. The part that I need your help with is saving him and adopting him.  Someone who has experience with this disease and has the time to give him the quality  of life he needs and deserves. I asked her what would happen to him when we brought him back and she told me that he would most likely be put down since  his condition is one that will not ever get better. I told her this  news tears me up inside and asked if I was able to find someone in this group  that would adopt him if she’d consider it. She said she would but  only to someone in this group that she knows has the experience to better manage his  condition and give him a good life. Please do for Moe what I can’t. The clock is ticking. Moe is 3 years old and is believed to be Irish Wolfhound (he looks like it) however the breeder says he’s labradoodle. He  weighs 85lbs. He has the greatest personality, he’s great with kids.  Moe will be at the shelter in Mason City Iowa. He truly is a gentle giant. I have pictures posted (thanks Dottie) under the files. Look in new photos files  under Moe. I have pictures of him with my son to prove he is gentle…. Won’t  you please help him.. someone! If you need or want anymore  information please contact me or Tracy Hanand at theamand@… mailto:theamand%40masoncity.net> (shelter) Moe will come with 2  procollars  courtesy of 2 very kind ppl on this site and a baily chair that we  built for him. He has everything you would need already, except your love. Please Please help my sweet Moe. Don’t wait I don’t know how much time he will have left.
Thank You”

What happened after this plea was posted was a miracle.
Moe was taken in by an incredibly wonderful couple whose intent was to keep him long enough to get his management routine in place so he would become stable and be able to more easily get into a forever home. They had him a few months until lone day the most perfect home presented itself but it was soooooo far away from them. They decided since Moe was so precious in their hearts that they needed to drive him there, stay a few days (ended up almost a week) to make sure Moe would be in the best, most loving hands possible. With the generous help of other ME homes, the couple set off for the long drive west. They were able to stop at ME homes along the way to rest, but also to feed Moe the way he needed.  Another owner had paid forward their chair, so they could carry that as well since driving.

Moe arrived at what would become his most loving, safe, well managed forever home where the new mom was taught personally how he could be managed basis the established protocol. She has now had him for years and though he is getting old and the chair is very worn from use, he continues being loved and cherished by one amazing lady.

SPECIAL NOTE: Moe and 1 other ME dog who was in a very high kill gas shelter, but successfully got out and into the best, most loving hands jump started the rehoming megaesophagus dogs effort. We honor them both by continuing with the hundreds who fall into the same circumstances of needing to find their foster or forever homes where they may be loved, safe, and well managed.