United Pet Safe Program:
On June 18, 2018, United implemented several new policies and customer requirements for pet air transportation to improve the safety of the travel experience following a comprehensive review of our PetSafe® program in partnership with American Humane, the country’s first national humane organization. Throughout the remainder of the year, United and American Humane will continue to make enhancements as needed to further improve the safety and care of animal transportation. Please watch this video for important pre-flight tips from American Humane to prepare your pet to travel safely and comfortably.

IF you go to the link above, you can easily see what is required prior to booking a dog on the Pet Safe Program, then the actual process of how to do so. You choose whatever flight you want…make it non stop…then call the airline and see if they have space for the dog. I had 3 choices just in case, but got the first one we wanted. Watch for winter weather coming fast so this needs to be done quickly if you are going to use it. The cost is determined by weight of the dog plus the required kennel. You MUST use the kennel size they require and that is on the link above. Example of cost: I paid $287.94 yesterday for Hazel who along with her kennel weighed total of 40 lbs. Your dog is so smaller, so cost would probably be less.

What is needed:
1. Required kennel and dog able to stay crated length of time of flight including drop off hrs (we were allowed to stay with Hazel right up to when they loaded her and took off; that helped greatly because instead of an extra 2 hrs crated, she only had 20 min in getting her into and settled in the kennel, driver loading her safely in air conditioned van, then taking her directly to being loaded into special climate controlled part of plane) and ½ hr wait for it to get to counter at your airport upon arrival

2. 2 dishes to fit the size kennel required and ones that attach to the kennel for water and food (see attached file Hazel flight notice that I made due to ME); we did not send any food and did not allow them to place water; however, we did allow them to give her ice just before closing her securely to begin her journey; the sign is taped to the top of the kennel by United staff and the person on this end would not only do this, but ensure everyone knows the dog is ME, what that means and no food or water enroute; I even showed pics of Gretyl eating in her chair and everyone in the cargo area shipping animals was more then interested in what ME was and wanted to hear more info

3. Health Certificate completed by DVM no more than 10 days prior to flight – mandatory and also taped to top of kennel by United staff; now because we also took so long getting this arranged; I carefully used same black pen and placed date a few days before Hazel flew so this saved us a lot of back and forth depending on what flight this dog can get on

4. Rabies certificate just in case; they didn’t need to see it or attach but had it and all other documentation with me just in case

5. I had a notebook with each item in clear plastic covers but they took the papers out they needed to attach and covered with tape so you don’t need those; I took Hazels bio I had done, rabies cert, all medical records, x-rays, tape, owner surrender signed documents printed from how we did this and the information United sent me prior to her flight by email; this way I had anything and everything just in case, but nothing else was needed; I would have your sender print out Adoption paperwork signed however they do things just in case; I had ours and offered them to be seen but didn’t have to show since I was the primary party accepting ownership for the flight since I covered everything from kennel, to HC, sending all paperwork overnight to new owners, and flight cost

6. Make sure the sender has yours and her address, phone number, and email address written down as easier for them to see

Sending to someone else:
1. Sending person will have to have the dog there at least 2 hrs in advance – they will tell her by phone during the actual booking
2. Sender has the proper kennel, necessary documentation, 2 bowls, 1 collar, 1 leash
3. Sender may either leave the dog there after completing paperwork and paying for flight or ask to stay as long as possible to save the dog from extra time in the kennel
4. Dog is loaded in kennel, zip ties are attached by United staff, all necessary arrows, instructions and paperwork are attached by United staff
5. Dog kennel is on a flat dolly and carefully moved to air conditioned or heated (pending weather) van, loaded carefully, then driven straight to plane
6. Loaded immediately by van driver into the special cargo climate controlled area of the plane

Arrival to you:
1. Plan on getting there early in case flight is early
2. They provide full tracking info call Air Way Bill (AWB) and with the link they provide and number you are given, as many people as you wish may track the flight and actually see a small plane moving during the flight…under United Track Flight Status according to the flight number, time of day and the AWB
3. On your end, you pick the dog up at the United counter in the airport – yours doesn’t have a separate cargo facility as seen above I copied from their locations of this program use
4. Tell them when you get there, who you are and that you are waiting for a specific dog so they know you have also arrived