Tricks to help slow how fast your dog eats:
1. Use a puzzle feeder. These products are designed to spread food around so not as easily consumed at one time.

GREEN – Spiky Dog Bowl – Slow Feeder Dispenser
Uniquely designed slow food dispenser which helps your dog to a healthier and happier life. Originally designed with the greedy dog in mind, this feeder makes your pet work for his food, avoiding ‘bloat’. It has also proven to be a fun way for your pet to work for his food, keeping him occupied as well as healthier.
This spiky dog bowl looks bonkers, but serves a clever purpose. Scatter your pet’s food across it and your dog will enjoy pushing it out from between the “blades of grass”. This turns meal times into a game, allowing your pet to eat more slowly which in turn will help his digestion and stop him from bolting his food, avoiding bloat which can be potentially fatal.
As it takes quite a long time to eat the food, this Green slow feeder gives dogs more to do and helps prevent furniture being chewed and barking that can be caused by boredom.
A great product, can be used inside and outside and is suitable for washing in a dishwasher.
The green spiky dog bowl is roughly 29cm wide, 40cm long and approx 8/9cm high to the highest spike.
Designed in Denmark.             

2. Serve your dog his meals on a cookie sheet. Spread the food around the sheet, which will force him to do a lot of licking and much less gulping.

3. Use a muffin tin. Spoon a bit of your pet’s food into each individual muffin cup. The need to move from cup to cup will put the brakes on gulping.

4. Turn mealtime into training time. Instead of simply putting the plate or bowl of food in front of your dog, use mealtime to tune up your dog’s obedience skills or teach new commands or tricks and reward with bites of food instead of training treats.

5. Consider purchasing a slow feeder bowl. There are many styles of bowls available.

6. Create your own slow feeder bowl. Place a ball, large rock, or other round object in the middle of your dog’s bowl and distribute the food around it. The object should be big enough that your dog can’t swallow it. Alternatively, you can purchase a portion pacer made of stainless steel or porcelain.

7. Turn the bowl upside down. This mimics the idea of the slow feeder bowl above. If your dog’s bowl is designed something like this, in a pinch you can always turn it upside down and place the food around the center of the overturned bowl.

8. Feed several small meals per day. If your schedule allows it, consider dividing your dog’s food into several smaller meals and feeding her at regular intervals throughout the day. In theory, this could keep the tummy full and prevent from gobbling the food. In reality, your dog may just wolf down each smaller meal, in which case this isn’t the best choice but worth a try.

9. Hand-feed your dog. This is probably an option of last resort when all other tips and tricks for slowing your dog’s eating speed have failed.