Information about giving medications:
The least amount of medication that needs to be administered orally, the better. Administering meds via injection is what might be suggested.

Additionally, if your dog has esophagitis, THAT can be painful and make eating uncomfortable or your cause disinterest ion eating at all. Liquid Carafate will help that, but it must be given no less than 1 hour before, or no sooner than 2 hours after eating, or any other meds.

Baytril, Cerenia and Metoclopromide can all be given via injection.

Subcutaneous (SubQ) fluids can also be administered to minimize dehydration.

What some owners have tried:
Injection – ONLY if ok with your veterinarian AND you are shown how to safely do so by your veterinarian

Putting meds in a meatball using canned food

Crushing meds in a slurry

Using canned pumpkin – spoon enough out to cover the pills