Make sure you discuss any of the options below with your veterinarian first then make informed decision with their help.

Potential affect on ME dogs

Can cause discomfort when in feeding and in holding position afterwards

Suggestions that might help: (WARNING: Must still  be upright/vertical.)
May need to make changes
2.      Possibly modifying position
3.      Use pillows under rear end
4.      Tilt chair at different angle back a little to relieve full pressure on hind quarters
5.      Glucosamine/chondroitin for joints
6.      Adequan – – discuss loading program of twice/week for a month vs. starting with once a month with your DVM
7.      Polysulfated glycosamino-glycan injections
8.      Various prescription medications (e.g., Medacam)
9.      May need to evaluate and modify feeding and holding position to accommodate discomfort
10.   Many ME folks haven’t seen negative reaction of Adequan use with ME or MG but still necessary to discuss with your veterinarian as each dog is different
11.    Massage affected area gently – contents are in easy to mix powder form (contains Glucosamine, GLM includes the Chondroitin, MSM, Gelatin Hydrolysate Protein)

NOTE FOR DVM DISCUSSION: Even though your dog might have megaesophagus, an NSAID (Previcox, etc.) can be used as part of pain management protocol, even if it’s used every other day. Adequan injections can also both help without minimizing joint destruction, but, can help w/ the discomfort. Veterinary brand glucosamine/chondroitin/MSM/perna canniculus nutraceuticals frequently help without the pain. Amitriptylline, an anti-anxiety medication, can affect the pain sensory nerves and help minimize the pain. Amantadine, an anti-flu medication, decreases the wind-up pain in patients with chronic pain (i.e. when you’ve been in pain for a long time, the pain “winds-up,” or gets magnified). Gabapentin and tramadol are not the only medications that they can have. Most of these meds can be used together, and, by using a cocktail, you can use less of each one.

Below is information provided to owner regarding their GSD who has been diagnosed with osteoarthritis. Also read the article associated with this page that he sent entitled Osteoarthritis:
“As far as treatment we did Gabapentin and Deramaxx today. The Gabapentin is more for the neuropathic pain, the dose we started him on is not at the top of the range so can always be increased.  The Deramaxx is for anti-inflammatory and pain. This dose is appropriate for his weight.  As we discussed these drugs can cause issues with the kidneys, especially because he had just slightly elevated creatinine. But we agreed that his quality of life was what was most important at this time and we were ok with a little harm if it meant he was pain free. We can always add on stronger pills to these, such as Tramadol and other opiods.

Further options to consider for the future are as followed;

  1. Keeping him as light as possible
  2. rubber booties
  3. laser therapy of the joints and spine
  4. water therapy
  5. glucosamine
  6. fish oils
  7. Adequan injections

Finally I attached a scientific article on osteoarthritis, even though I know you’ve done your research. Please reach out if you need anything.”