Sitting Up and Living Longer by Cathy Bennett
Kate Singleton and ME Goldendoodles Willie and Stetson

Canine Megaesophagus: Kaiser’s Story
Laurie DePina and ME GSD Kaiser

Rescue Dog With Special Needs Can Only Eat From Her High Chair, But She Loves The View

Rachel Ray TV Show
This Adorable Dog Named Andy Has To Eat In a High Chair
Season 13, Episode 13 aired March 6,2019

See Pluto when he was on TV in the UK. ITV 3 on April 5, 2019. Below is the link and see time covering Pluto at 8:26 – 13:28 minutes.

Dog Was Born Different, So He Has To Eat In A Special Chair (the story of ME Chuck the German Shepherd)
‘Chuck: A Funny Farm Story’ Set to Premiere this Friday at Levoy Theatre
Last Edited: Apr 10, 2019 9:50 AM CDT
By Tyler Douris, Intern ReporterCUMBERLAND COUNTY, N.J. –
Glasstown Productions premieres ‘Chuck: A Funny Farm Story’ at Levoy Theatre on April 12.
Millville-based Glasstown Productions will be premiering its new project, Chuck: A Funny Farm Story, at the city’s Levoy Theatre on Friday, April 12.
The project is a documentary that follows the story of Chuck, a dog who suffered from a disease called megaesophagus. He was rescued by the owner of Mays Landing’s Funny Farm Animal Sanctuary Laurie Zaleski.