Where to get prescription medications filled for your dog:
My vet places all my prescription orders with Target because they really work with me. The head pharmacist knows I work with special needs dogs and have LOTS of prescriptions so he always does an automatic price check to ensure I get the best price. My vet admits she can’t match their prices and says she didn’t go to vet school to dispense meds so she has no problem if I don’t get prescriptions from the clinic. Call around to some different pharmacies.

Drs. Foster and Smith offer some prescriptions that are very reasonable so you might check their prices and have your vet call the prescription in to them
Click the link https://www.discountdrugnetwork.com/ and you will find details of this discount drug card from the Pharmacy Discount Network where you can save up to 75% on prescription drugs.
Publix grocery…..(mostly in Florida).They are MUCH cheaper than the vet.
I found was to go through: http://www.heartlandvetsupply.com/
You will also find a link to another great freebie site on the page! http://groups.google.com/group/freebiestoday/web/free-pharmacy-discount-card
Fallon Wellness Pharmacy (do an online search). We get Maggie’s desmopressin (for diabetes insipdus) at unbelievably low prices there! They will put it in any form that you would like too (liquid, pill, etc.); they work well with you and your vet.
Sams club
Publix Grocery Store Pharmacy has a FREE generic antibiotic program, you can get a 14 day supply over and over for free
1800 pet meds https://www.1800petmeds.com/
Kroger grocery store
Target and Walmart (As far as Walmart goes, you had to join the prescription club at Walmart for a fee to get the lower price)
Any grocery will as long there is a prescription (get insuline from Rite Aid)
AAA prescription card at various drug stores http://ww1.aaa.com/services/cms/templates/index.html?page=AAAPrescriptions&area=vanity_prescriptions&zip=77429&stateprov=tx&city=cypress&devicecd=PC
Acology Pharmacy
Northwest Compounders http://www.northwestcompounders.com
Checked Walgreens  https://www.walgreens.com/?dscmredirect=1 and they have liquid carafate and liquid sucralfate
Professional Arts Pharmacy in Baltimore Maryland
New jersey- Wedgewood Pharmacy

Where to purchase neubulizers:
Most pharmacies
Medical supply stores