What can be used for carpet:
1.     Can  try a product like Safe Sheild   http://www.amazon.com/Blocker-encapsulate-creating-invisible-protecting/dp/B0019CFA4Y
2.    Rug Doctor industrial rug cleaning machine using OxyClean liquid with water
3.    Dust pan and brush
4.    Regular carpet cleaner (e.g. Bissell)
5.    Hot, soapy water after particulates are picked up
6.    Over the counter carpet cleaners (i.e., Resolve, etc)

What can be used for hard floors:
1.    Paper towels
2.    Dust pan and brush
3.    Wet towel or wash cloth

SPECIAL NOTE: There are two newer surfaces that can help when you have an ME dog who regurgs. Hard tile that looks like real wood works GREAT and you can have moisture resistant grout used. Any liquid or moisture that gets on them is very easy to clean and can never go through to the underneath. From a carpet standpoint…and we learned this when we did replacement a year ago due to our ME dog…they make something called H2O carpet. It was originally used just in nursing homes as has a plastic backing so nothing gets thru to the padding or the slab. A few years ago, they made this available to anyone and now it comes in tons of colors, thickness, and pile. This has worked really well and we use the Rug Doctor then have them professionally cleaned every 6 months for hygiene purposes. Because moisture can’t go any further then the pile, the odor is not there like it was when it went thru to the pad.