Link for using Veterinary Information Network (VIN):

About using VIN:
–   Since 1991, VIN has been and always will be — for veterinarians, by veterinarians.
–   “VIN is more than a website, it is a community of colleagues.”
–   Much more than the sum of its features, VIN provides something no other organization or service has been able to. Simply stated, VIN:
–   Brings together veterinarians “world-wide” as colleagues
–   Provides instant access to vast amounts of up-to-date veterinary information
–   Gives instant access to “breaking news” affecting veterinarians, their patients and their practice
–   Connects veterinarians to colleagues with specialized knowledge and skills
–   Empowers our profession through the sharing of knowledge and ideas

The History of VIN:>
In 1990, before the advent of Windows and personal computers on every desk, Dr. Duncan Ferguson began answering questions on Quantum Computing, a small online Bulletin Board Service (BBS), which became America Online (AOL). This then evolved into the Pet Care Forum (PCF), and a few months later he invited Dr. Paul Pion to join him. In short, other colleagues were invited to join them and many of those pioneers are still on VIN as Consultants, Reps, Staff, and VINners.

Why VIN:
As a VIN member (VINner), you are part of the largest group practice in the world. VINners are up-to-date and informed with access to a veterinary news service, clinical calculators and simulations, a 3-D anatomy tool, videos, journals, and myriad of conference proceedings.

Message Boards:
Heart and Soul of VIN – VINners are interactive. Every day there are over 500 active message board discussions. The medical discussions are overseen by 236 VIN consultants and editors who are eager to help you with your cases. You can participate in weekly live Rounds sessions presented by experts leading interactive group discussions on numerous clinical and practice management topics.

VIN Library:
Comprehensive collection of resources – VINners have access to the most comprehensive searchable source for veterinary information. The VIN library helps you quickly locate the information you need from over 350,000 articles from thousands of trusted sources including 150 core veterinary journals, archived VIN Message Boards, Rounds discussions, Conference Proceedings and Client Handouts.
The VIN library has so much more than books! It has everything you need including journal abstracts, the VIN Veterinary Drug Handbook, online texts, a comprehensive MSDS collection, practice forms, client education resources, a drug label database, the Veterinary Dental Encyclopedia, videos, clinical simulators, and so much more! The VIN librarians are veterinarians who understand what you need in your practice.

VINners can conveniently access high quality, comprehensive CE classes from the comfort of their home or office. VIN CE instructors are among the top experts in their field. With VIN CE, you get clinically-oriented, in-depth learning and a comprehensive selection of courses. You learn what you want at your own pace. You set the schedule. You read the class material at times you choose; you read and post to message boards at times you choose; and for those who enjoy the interactivity of a classroom, there is a weekly online classroom session. Not available during the scheduled classroom time? Called away for emergency? No worries! Each classroom session is recorded for you to enjoy at your leisure.