How 1 owners dog was managed during recovery from surgery:
He was premedicated with Reglan prior to surgery. He was placed in his Baily Chair with his ET tube still in place after the procedure where he remained for two hours under close supervision. He was in no hurry to get rid of the tube, never struggled. They even took a picture that I hope to get and post for everyone to see. They were amazed how he just sat in his chair.

Ideas to keep dog away from surgical area:
Neck hug
Pro Collar
K9 Topcoat
Thundershirt (work great after PRAA surgery)
Bandages (only from your veterinarian)
Wound care – spray on covering (only from your veterinarian)
Dog jacket or sweater (make sure they don’t rub and cause more irritation)
T-shirt (can be held tighter at chest by carefully using binder clip or clothes pin on top of their back)
Some other ideas