1. If you see a sudden downturn that seems worse than the “normal” awfulness of this disease, IMMEDIATELY take your dog to your veterinarian or ER facility. If this is aspiration pneumonia, literally every minute matters as to whether or not you may be able to save your dog.

2. If your instincts tell you that your vet doesn’t know enough about this disease to help your dog, CHANGE VETS. Don’t worry about insulting your vet. You’ll never forgive yourself if you thought that someone else might have done more for your dog.

3. If your vet won’t see you right away when you know that your ME does isn’t “quite right,” CHANGE VETS. See #s 1 and 2 above!

4. If your vet automatically dismisses the advice offered from ME experienced sources simply because we are laypeople, CHANGE VETS. Just because they’ve had “training,” it is not the but training, advanced degrees, and experience are different things. And very unfortunately, the textbooks in the veterinary schools are still not keeping up with what can be done for ME dogs.

5. Don’t be hesitant about asking ANYTHING about this condition. No question is a dumb question!

6. For those of you who have lost your beautiful ME dogs, there is no bond like that of a special needs dog due to all the extra time and care they need from us.

7. To those of you who are living with ME dogs, don’t give up. Love them, enjoy them, cherish every day with them.