NOTE: This information was provided by owners of ME and/or MG dogs so these are NOT from a veterinarian and anything used in any capacity must be discussed first with the veterinarian for your dog.

Natural alternatives for flea and ticks:
–  Raw apple cider vinegar
–  Bewers yeast with garlic
–  Natural oils

From an owner: “There are many articles on alternatives to chemical flea and tick collers. Any of our dogs with MG or weakened immune systems should not be using flea and tick colors. I have to agree they are much easier, but, my vet required me to find alternatives. I have started Grizzly on brewers yeast with garlic tabs and raw apple cider vinegar. These pests do not like these scents/flavors. I will add a spray mist, not only for Grizzly, but peppermint oil is also great control for stink bugs.”

Here is just one article about using  essential oils and apple cider vinegar:
Step 1:Understand that healthy dogs are much more capable of repelling fleas and ticks than a dog that is not as healthy. Fleas and ticks are parasites and they will normally infest the weakest animal first. So, take your dog to the vet and get a check up. This will help you ensure that your dog is in peak physical condition. It has been found that altering a dog’s diet to include raw foods or a home prepared one can be extremely beneficial to their overall health. In fact, many holistic veterinarians suggest that giving your dog a daily dose of salmon oil and probiotics can dramatically improve the health of your pet. If your dog has dry, flaky skin, a weak immune system or a bad shedding problem, they are prime targets for fleas and ticks.

Step 2:Add a small amount of apple cider vinegar to your dog’s drinking water can have wonderful flea and tick repelling capabilities. Some holistic experts also suggest adding B-complex vitamins, zinc and trace mineral to the water as well to ensure a parasite-free pet.

Step 3:Use essential oils in a regular spray bottle of water to send send the pests running naturally. Just mist your dog before heading into an area where you think fleas and ticks may be present. Add ten to twenty drops of essential oil into a pint of distilled or spring water. The container should be dark colored glass. Make sure to mist their bedding, around doorways and the baseboards in your home for complete protection. Be sure to shake the bottle well before using it. You will have to apply the formula more often than you would a commercial repellant, but it is much safer and better for your pet.

Step 4:Discuss with your vet your desire to protect your pet more naturally. Be careful though, because many vets enjoy pushing chemically-made flea and tick repellents because it increases their bottom line. If you have a good relationship with your vet and they have earned your trust, then speak openly with them regarding this issue.

Tips & Warnings:
Some essential oils that work great for repelling fleas and ticks include:
–  Citronella, cedar, eucalyptus, lemongrass, peppermint and lavender.
–  Use the essential oil spray on yourself to avoid mosquitoes, too.

Advantage II:
From several owners: “I wet a paper towel today and rubbed Lucy with apple cider vinegar. they say after you give them a bath you can rinse them in it . I haven’t done that and I was afraid to mist her for fear of making her sneeze. I use Frontline but I just applied it two weeks ago and now she has fleas and I don’t want to use it again so soon. The fleas did not like the apple cider!”

“My vet prohibited any use of these medications for flea and tick for Grizzly who has MG and ME since MG is an autoimmune disease. Congenital ME dogs might be different.”

“I ordered Advantage for HOPE. I invariably Hve to give something for nausea or have regurge the next day, so am naturally suspicious and give only if absolutely necessary. Received Advantage II this time, which includes pyriproxyfen 0.46% in each dose. What is it, is it dangerous, what can you tell us. I have 2 doses of old Advantage which I would save for HOPE,, but need to aadminister to the other “healthy” dogs.”