Examples that have worked for some ME dogs:
1.   Dog bed that has a tubular frame and a mesh type bed to it. I elevated one end of the bed and put it in a corner of the bedroom so that it has a wall on the longer side and the short end is also against a wall. The head end also has a small foam wedge that keeps her head higher, but since we got the procollar, I have removed the wedge since it was too high in combination with the collar. The wedge is now used at the short end of the bed which is against the wall, as it gives her support from sliding down.

2.   Memory foam wedge pillow

3.   Using an ex pen with blankets rolled up all around so that no matter where the dog puts his head it will be raised

When Luke was diagnosed with ME we went almost 45 days without making it through the night. I then purchased the following two items and he has slept soundly every night since. That was 5 months ago:
Raised wall bed:


4.   Several ideas:
Duke needs to have his head elevated while he is sleeping. Dogs with ME have more problems at night with regurgitation, because they are lying flat and the fluids pool in the esophagus and cause coughing and regurgitation. If you can get Duke to sleep on some kind of wedge pillow, that would be great. Some ME dogs that sleep in crates have the front ends of the crate elevated several inches with bricks, books, catalogs, or whatever under the front end. Many of the dogs on this site wear a procollar at night which is a soft comfy inflatable alternative to the cumbersome lamp shade e-collar. It is a collar with an inflatable pillow that allows the dog to rest his head on it. Many people with ME dogs say the procollar is the best thing they have bought for their dog–it virtually eliminates nighttime problems for a lot of dogs that had a lot of night time hacking and regurgitating prior to wearing the procollar. You can google procollar to see what this is. They can be bought at at PetSmart or PetCo or at a lot of different pet supply places through catalogs or online. I hope some of these ideas help you and Duke to have a peaceful night.