Adding pure pumpkin to the diet can also act as a colon bandage and help with diarrhea.

Once a dog is off antibiotics, probiotics (Prostora, Fortiflora, yogurt, Culturelle) would also be beneficial. There is some concern that administering probiotics at the same time as antibiotics is kind of a waste, ast he antibiotics can inactivate the probiotics.

Psyllium or beet pulp are probably the best fibers for diarrhea, but, there seems to be aproblem with these dogs taking metamucil, as we think that it gets “stuck” in their esophagus. However, there is a veterinary product, Vetasyl, that comes in capsules, that would make it to the stomach, before affecting the esophagus. Your dvm probably has it or at least can order it.

I don’t know if the Ensure caused the diarrhea but I do know that Ensure is too high in fat content for many of our ME pups. That’s why many are on low fat or low residue diets.

Baby oatmeal powder (Beech nut or Gerber) added to the food.

Baby food either mixed with their food or frozen as a treat used after eating but in upright.