If someone is looking for the BEST  doggie boots for traction and fit – http://www.neopaws.com “Imelda” Bailey  owned about 7 or so pairs of dog booties a few years back.  Long story why, but it had to do with an unusual toenail infection in  every single nail bed. So the treatment spanned nearly six months and  a couple seasons, and Da Booski and I became experts on boots. We had  absolutely waterproof booties, booties that put no pressure over  dewclaws, lightweight ones, baby socks for sleep time, you name it!  But the best for traction and fit, paws down, were Neopaws! And the folks there – so helpful.

I had a styptic pencil here for those accidents when cutting their nails and it did the trick for stopping the bleeding. I wouldn’t have thought of cornstarch but good to know. The other thing that works too is pressing nail on bar of soap. So far so good with the boots. I bought 2 sets of boots. A more comfy set for indoors called Muttluks. I love these. Easy to put on and they do stay on. The other set is a bit sturdier for outside called Paw Tectors. I put these overtop of the inside boot when she goes out. These do stay on fairly well when over the other boot but they aren’t my favorite. For the first couple of days I wrapped her paw in gauze covered with a self adhesive flexible bandage to give some padding.Now she seems to be doing well without it.

Toe nail issues was one of the major problems we also encountered with our beloved Sonnig. I never did get a boot to stay on so she was never again on a hard surface as the nails take forever to grow back. Things I did and learned:
1) They make fake nail covers that attach with glue and if eaten are normally of no consequence except our ME dogs would suffer if swallowed
2) We padded entire patio with indoor/outdoor carpet
3) Placed throw rugs anywhere in house with hard surfaces (lucky we have almost all carpeting)
4) Used soft moving tarps to get her to car and to take her to outside front yard from front door
5) Used Mushers 100% natural wax; this is great and is safe to lick, doesn’t stain anything and helps (doesn’t heal) with protection against hot and cold surfaces plus with protecting the nail if placed right on the worn area; make sure if you use this that you know it is NOT the sure to the problem, but really helped sooth Sonnigs raw area where worn
6) Can pack the bleeding area with cornstarch to stop or control bleeding if not excessive
This problem is not one to take lightly as once the bleeding starts the nail is really worn down. The only way to get it under control is to do what you have done with the boot, but make sure it is actually doing what you need. Keep checking the nails to make sure.