LP is one of the most common co-existing syndromes with ME.

There are a few things that may be helpful to discuss with your dvm, because surgery is probably not a food idea in these dogs:
1) Doxepin (per posts on Veterinary Information Network) may minimize LP symptoms
2) Albuterol with nebulizer treatments may minimize symptoms (1-3 times daily). The theory is that since megae dogs are prone to “micro” aspiration, the albuterol may help dilate the broncioles, encouraging “stuff” to be coughed up, more easily. Although there are no clinical trials in veterinary medicine, the research papers support many beneficial benefits of the bronchodilators, including enhancement of mucociliary transport, strengthening of the muscles of respiration to prevent respiratory fatigue, and increased water transport toward the lumen of the airways.
3) Sleeping w/ the front end elevated, and using a Pro-collar during sleep, may minimize the incidences of aspiration
4) If drinking water seems to worsen symptoms, thickening the water with Thick It or Thick’n’Easy may help