WARNING: Make sure you discuss trying any of these with your veterinarian prior to using.

Once you have ruled out the possibility of parasites (including giardia and coccidia – both of which can be difficult to detect and may need fecals sent to a lab) or other medical reasons, then you start trying to figure out what works for a specific dog, and they are
all different! I think Flagyl will cover the possibility of giardia if it is given for a long enough time.

Products used by ME dog owners:
–     “Prescription high fiber foods – Wellness Core in PetSmart has the highest fiber content “on the shelf” and he’s been on it ever since and doing great.”

–     Per Dr Kathy, carob is in a good veterinary diarrhea treatment (have never used it) called Endosorb. carob powder. The one I have is a dietary supplement for dogs and cats and is a Diarrhea Aid & Nutritional Support. I order it from  http://www.urbanjunglepets.com Daily supplement the package says 1 tsp powder        with warm water to make a slurry
–     As diarrhea treatment:
dogs up to 15 lb 1/4 tsp
35 lb 1/2 tsp
65 lb 1 1/2 tsp
85 lb 2 tsp
Directions say give the above amount 3 times a day. Mix with warm water to make slurry.

–     Sweet potatoes also work, and are cheaper and more readily available in my area -for most of the year My large dog gets a serving spoonful of “fiber” in each meal and a serving spoonful of yogurt in each meal, to avoid such issues.
It seems that sweet potato contains prebiotics, which are needed to feed the probiotics necessary to keep the gut working well.
Prebiotics are very resilient and seem to survive the acid in the stomach, as well as heat from cooking, so easy to feed to the dog.
You can either boil or microwave them.

–     FortiFlora

–     Fage O% fat Yogurt

–     Pro-Pectalin that my vet introduced me to a few years ago. It is miracle stuff

–     Metamucil (psylium) capsules mixed w/ the food (3-6 caps). The capsules will more likely pass into the stomach before they open (disintegrate). It may also be wise to continue the metronidazole, as that is good for certain intestinal infections. Adding live yogurt (not at same time as antibiotics) may stimulate the good bacteria and help w/ the diarrhea.

–     Canned pureed pumpkin (make sure it isn’t the seasoned pie filling)..a big spoonful added to meals help. If your store is out of pumpkin, canned sweet potatoes or squash work.

–     Metronidazole is considered the magic white polls at my house.

–     I’d be careful with Immodium since it slows down motility of the gut. It may slow down the upper intestinal tract including the esophagus. Another probiotic approach is a product made by Eukanuba/Iams called Prostora. It is unique in its bacteria and really helps a lot of GI upset. Your vet should be able to get it.

–     Try a good probiotic/digestive enzymes product to help with diarrhea.

–     Honest Kitchen

–     Perfect Form herbal supplement

–     Embark food