Hotels that take dogs: These are some great sites that have numerous hotels all over the place that take dogs. Can also book reservations through these as well as find specific locations.

Official Pets Hotel:

Pets Welcome:

Pet Friendly US Hotels & Canada:

Pets Welcome hotels that are chains:

Go Fido:
From an ME dog owner: “My vet had a tech learn Nikos (when his ME was present) routine on the occasion that I was going someplace and couldn’t take him ….but often brought him on vacation… is one of many great websites to find dog friendly hotels, restaurants and other attractions…..(and I found many many places that don’t advertise as “dog friendly” really are once they meet a super sweet dog….even one that is over. 100lbs). We also travel with Niko….We have taken him a few times on road trips from South Florida to North Carolina..(12 – 13 hour drive if we so straight through)….but we usually take out time coming home and found that there are many hotels that now allow dogs..I used a website ( to help find hotels along the way that allow not just “dogs” but Large breeds….”

Pets and Hotels: Your Guide to a Flawless Stay:
Traveling with your pet may sometimes be necessary. It’s become more common for Americans to travel with their pets, and even include them during hotel stays. About 37 percent of pet owners travel with their animals, up from 19 percent about 10 years ago, according to a survey by the American Pet Products Association. Aside from companionship, there are other perks to traveling with your pet. You can earn points when you stay in hotels even when you travel with your dog or another pet. Some travel credit cards allow you to earn additional points for having your pet stay with you.

Visit this site to also see comparison rates plus specific hotels and breed, size, weight information.