Sample of a Checklist for an ME dog: Not everything is included but this gives you an idea of the detail needed so you make sure you have everything in case you cannot return in a few days or weeks…or worse case, not at all.

Food bowl Sink
Water bowl Sink
Chair or way to keep upright Bedroom
Pepsid – ALL Pantry
Heartguard for at least 3 months Pantry
Frontline for at least 3 months Pantry
Nebulizer and saline
All 4 collars and leashes with ALL tags
All meds with blue container/white cap Pantry
Medacam Pantry
Mometamax Pantry
Ear cleaning solution Pantry
Tops for dog food cans x 4 Pantry
Long handled teaspoons x 3 Drawer
All a/d small canned food Pantry
2 cases Avoderm food (1 turkey, 1 chicken) Pantry
Mushers wax
Winter jacket
All bedding from kennel
Pillows from ottoman x 4
Towels from bar stool
All glucosamine/chondroitin
Full case bottled water
Peanut butter
All Health Records
Rabies Certificate
First Aid kit specific to dogs
All contact numbers that might be needed