Jill’s description of procedure used to nebulize GSD Sonnig in 2011:
This is how we nebulized Sonnig after being shown how by the ICU staff. They supplied the two extra pieces (the L-joint and the flex tubing) for this to work and was a tremendous relief not to place additional stress on her by introducing a mask. She used the largest kennel we could buy, so it does work with any size kennel or crate.

Took two sheets and draped over entire kennel. Each sheet covered half down to floor on each side, then we used binder clips (use anything such as binder clips, clothes pins, paper clips, etc) to keep the two sheets together on top and sides. We lifted the part of the sheet over the kennel door to get her in, then lowered it. The nebulizer sat on the floor, was plugged in nearby then used the hookup you see in the picture. The picture (below) with the flex tubing was how the ICU folks “rigged” it for her down there, so they gave us that piece, plus an L shape joint piece to connect that flex hose to the nebulizer as shown in the other picture.
From the nebulizer, the hose that came with it went into the container with saline or albuterol (we used saline), then the L-joint connected that piece to the flex hose. Used tape to seal two together. The flex hose just ran between the kennel slats and was open into her area underneath the sheets. We had it about half way up on the side of the kennel and as shown the container with saline was just tied with cloth to keep it in place each time. The hospital also gave us a huge bag of saline and large needled syringes to draw the appropriate amount of saline and empty into the container. After all was set up and Sonnig was inside, we lowered the sheet down across the front of the kennel. I lay on the floor near a corner and talked to her for the 15 minutes each time, but she just sat there and it never bothered her. You could keep a small corner up so your dog can see you. They just breathe the mist in a confined space and it really did a great job with no anxiety on the dog’s part.