Examples of success stories showing ME is NOT a death sentence and these dogs can live a great quality of life :
“Roxie’s MEGA Mission, complete with pictures, will be in the September/October issue of Dog Sports Magazine under the “Against All Odds” section. While the magazine has a small circulation of 6,600 subscribers (and prints 1,000 extra copies for individual sales) it does reach a wide audience as it includes all sports in the performance world. (Agility, Obedience, Rally, Freestyle, Dock Diving, Disc Dogs, Herding and probably others I’m forgetting.) Thus, we’re super excited about the additional exposure for Megaesophagus and the vertical feeding concept with the Bailey Chair. And, interestingly enough, an agility acquaintance of ours is the one who wrote the editor after our trip to nationals and suggested they feature an article on Roxie. The magazine is based in New York but was originally a Canadian publication. I’ve been told by the editor that a select number of Barnes and Noble stores carry the magazine on their shelf. Since the magazine is only published 6 times a year, an individual copy is $8.95. The issue will begin mailing on September 3rd. If you’re interested, It can be ordered via their website, www.dogsportmagazine.com or over the phone at (800) 947-7767 x16 (The website locks up for me as it is graphic intensive and I’m still on dial-up. Thus, I’ll be calling in my order.) I wish I could purchase one for each of you but unfortunately I can’t. (We could possibly set up a routing list and mail one copy from person to person. ????). I’m praying that this article will lead us to another opportunity for education and exposure just as Roxie’s trip to nationals led us to this one. Who knows how many vet techs and vets are in that subscription list and who they might be connected with….Hugs from, Debbie & Roxie”

“In the midst of this challenging and unforgiving disease I thought I’d post some happy news. Luke was diagnosed with ME in May of this year and by the hand of God, some good fortune, and Luke’s determination and resiliency, we just celebrated his 14th birthday. Luke is a happy and healthy Boxer, who is the joy of my life. He’s been with me since he was 10 weeks old and after difficult bouts of pancreatitis, immune-mediated thrombocytopenia, and this year ME and a run in with a car he is on his way to another 14. We could not have done it without the guidance, insights, and information made available by this community. We struggled for months before striking the right combination of techniques, and excluding the occasional incident, Luke has been muscling his way through. I just wanted to say thank you to all of you. Keep vigilant, patient, and determined to those of you struggling to manage and hopefully beat this disease. And may God grant you the strength to persevere or the chance to find peace, whichever your path may be.”

“Woooo-hoooo. MORE “spreading the word,” thanks to Debbie and Roxie. The ACVIM (American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine), which EVERY small animal specialist in the the US, and many form other countries, belong to, had asked Debbie to write up Roxie’s story. Her photo and history are now posted on their website!!!!!! Many of us non-specialists attend ACVIM conferences and read their journals. So, here is yet another BIG, HUGE source or information that megae (and, Myasthenia Gravis) are not doom and gloom diagnoses!!!! nobody said it was easy…I have a dog/cat rescue and large animal rescue…14 dogs 16 cats with a box of 4 preggers cats dumped by my gate 30 days ago resulting in 10 kittens and 24 cows, 20+ sheep move to fast to count, 3 goats, 7 donkeys (youngest is 11 yr) 3 mules one which is my riding mule ..ran a c attle ranch for years and she just celebrated her 28th birthday not bad. anyway I DO THIS ALL BY MY SELF and yes somedays I just don’t think I can make it but I do…when my little scottie mega girl got AP I really had my hands full…but you just take it one step at a time. some days are great and somedays just kick you booty….just remember you can only do your best and sometimes it is a bit short and sometimes it is just right….don’t worry about the things you did’nt take care of or get done or need to still do…believe me it waits for you…unless you have secret elves…the stuff just waits for you…the only thing you need to remember is to love your “GUYS” and they will know you are doing what you can for them and they will love you back for it….All of us have limits so don’t beat yourself up over things that you can’t resolve…..HANG IN THERE BABY as the saying goes…we are all holding you in our thoughts and prayers.”

“The Cleveland Canine Magazine in Northeast Ohio agreed to do an article on Sidney and his MegaE. I figured it was a great opportunity to get the word out that it is not a death sentence and hopefully his article can help save some lives. They got it right for the most part. It is distributed at many large chain Pet Supply Stores and DVM offices in Ohio, which seems to be the right place to spread the word. Dottie put a link to it that I’m pasting here. I Hope I don’t screw it up. Also thanks to Linda and Baron for contacting Dottie to help share the story. The URL is: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_tQYNx2Cigwo/TNGMWi6kIfI/AAAAAAAAAEw/FyvwIGVGdlI/s1600/Sidney%27s+Article.jpg or: http://tinyurl.com/27zvqyw (left-click on the thumbnail image to enlarge it). Ryan and Sidney Akron, Ohio”

“I repost this when I am aware of someone with a puppy (especially a GSD as they are so close to my heart)….Feel free to contact me off board if you have any other questions or want more details on Niko’s care. Niko is my pure bred German Shepherd Dog, who was born in a litter of 8 on November 15, 2009.
Niko began to spit-up after nursing. Niko would also make a gurgle noise, after nursing. It sounded as if the milk was sloshing in his throat. He was examined by our vet and put on Clovomox and Raglan to clear up the gastric issues. The medications appeared to help, but not completely resolve the regurgitation issues, as Niko would still “gurgle” after drinking and regurgitate a small portion of food; this became even more evident when he was weaned on to kibble. On January 4, 2010, when Niko was about 6 weeks old, My vet performed a barium-swallow X-ray study. It was then confirmed that Niko had congenital Mega esophagus.
Having done some internet research to try and find the cause of Niko’s “gurgle” myself, I had already become a somewhat familiar with the disease, and the poor prognosis that usually accompanies it by Veterinarians. I was pleasantly surprised, as my vet did not give me the “gloom and doom” prognosis, but took on a “do all we can” attitude. Niko was such a happy spirited puppy, it would have been ashamed not to at least try anything we could to help him. I learned a lot from this Yahoo group. I also found a research paper on learned a medication called Bethanechol Cholride. Bethenechol is a medication normally used in cases where the bladder will no longer empty and lacks tone. The research study indicated Bathanechol may also be effective in improving the tone of the esophagus in dogs with ME, especially growing puppies. My vet agreed that Bathenchol looked like it was our best option, and was worth giving it a try. So at 7 weeks old, Niko was put on the medication and a strict “vertical” feeding feeding regimen of several small meals a day. Niko would get fed 4 meals a day, consisting of ½ cup of kibble soaked in water overnight. (CAUTION: NOT A DIET THAT MOST ME DOGS CAN HANDLE…BUT PUREED FOOD DID NOT WORK FOR HIM). He would stand upright a “feeding table, then sit upright on the couch after eating (see PHOTOS section of the Yahoo group – album named Niko- Tammy’s GSD to see Niko’s pics of this and his x-rays) He would get 5mg of Bethanechol 1 hour before his AM and PM meals. Over the next few months Niko symptoms reduced…by 7 months old they were gone…a second set of x-rays confirmed his ME had resolved……It doesn’t happen in lot of dogs…but I believe that strict feeding regimen, medication and maybe answered prayers worked added to his recovery. Niko will be # years old in November 2012 and is about 100lbs of the most health, goofy and loving German Shepherd I have ever cared for…I think all the hands on care made him this he is a lap dog…lol (As a side note..Bethanechol study is in the FILES section on the groups page…also I found I could get a bottle of (100) 10 mg pills at COSTCO pharmacy for around 25.00….so I just broke them in half per dose (no membership needed to use the pharmacy) …Walmart also had them for around 30.00…from their the prices went way up) Don’t give up hope. Tammy and Niko”

“DyerStraights was rescued on 9/11/11 and diagnosed with megaesophagus on 9/17/11. He is currently under control and featured on my vets website under “petamonials” 🙂 Here is a refreshing video update for you all..
“DyerStraights”, rescued Doberman
Diagnosed 9/17/2011″

“Well the old boy turned 11 today and I can’t believe he lasted another year. He is starting to really show his age with lameness but all in all is doing great. I say this every year but I really want to thank everyone on this site for all they do in both words and prayers. Without this site Jake wouldn’t be hear. For those new to this who are reading this, don’t give up on your dog. We had just about written Jake off years ago but the feeding tube saved his life. He has now had it almost 6 years and we cherish these extra years with him. And they have been QUALITY years. He still hunts for Pete’s sake. Once again, THANKS!!!!
Hi- I don’t post very often but view the posts daily as it has been very valuable to me in caring for my now 13 year old ME Beagle Ellie. So bless all of you for your dedication to helping others care for their ME babies. Ellie has been on three long trips with us and leads a very normal life outside of her vertical eating (meatballs) with a 30 minute hold. Her ME is very managed and I hope when it is time for her it is not due to her ME. She was diagnosed 7/31/10. I am always sad to hear of the loss of someone’s baby but know that everyone on this site does everything they can to ensure the best care possible for their dogs.
I just wanted to reach out and say THANK YOU to those dedicated to the site.”