“Most dvm’s laugh at the dental vaccine, as it is a vaccine against only one of the many oral bacteria that are responsible for tartar. I’d rather an owner learn to brush the dog’s teeth. I too feel that vaccines on these dogs need to be minimized. I like your dvm’s attitude.”
Dr. Kathy
Redford, MI

I’ve been using a gel that I put on both of my dogs’ teeth with my finger every morning and it’s been working very well. I found it at For Dogs’ Sake in Chicago. I actually went in looking for the spray, but the salesperson said they’ve had much better luck with the gel. Here’s a link to their website. I use it in conjunction with a tooth powder by Wysong that I sprinkle on my dog’s food.

It is a good idea to brush your dog’s teeth daily, troublesome though it may be. I no longer have an ME dog, but I have had good results for my other three dogs with “PetzLife Oral Care Gel.” I looked up their website for you; the URL is http://www.petzlife.com/

The gel is easy to use and seems to taste good. I use it on them every other night and brush their teeth alternate nights with enzyme toothpaste. The worst thing is that the gel is rather expensive, but worth it if it lets you avoid having your dog’s teeth cleaned professionally. Am able to find the gel at Petsmart (more convenient than ordering, but no cost saving).