Noxgear Lighthound:
Awesome lighted harness for nighttime. Great if you live in areas that get snow but also if your dogs are out at night and in event they get loose people can see them.

Pet tags for use on collars:
You can personalize them including they are Megaesophagus and not to give anything to eat or drink along with more than 1 emergency contact.

10 car safety items for your dog – pet restraints for car travel:
As you plan your road trips this summer, be sure to consider your pet’s car safety before pulling out of the driveway. With states like Hawaii, Connecticut, Illinois, and Maine banning motorists from driving with their pets in their laps and New Jersey debating a law that would require pets to wear seatbelts, now’s the time to investigate proper car restraints. Here are some options for your cat or dog.

Dog safety gear:
Keep your best friend secure on any outing with the right dog safety gear.

Founded by animal lover Marianne Bertrand, Muttluks is a proudly Canadian company that began in 1994 as a home-based business making and selling high quality boots for dogs.

Dog safety gear – Low Light Safety For Your Dog – Stay Safe, Stay Seen. Extend your adventures into the low-light conditions of fall and winter.