Words of wisdom quotes from ME dog owners over the years:

“My best advice is to keep learning as much as you can about ME. Our beloved Sonnig was managed relatively easily until she aspirated. She didn’t present the normal things she did before when she had the beginning of AP, but we got her into our DVM as soon as we had an idea she was “off”. Unfortunately, there were some other things going on and we really feel she may have had cancer even though checked as thoroughly as possible earlier last year. She was at Sugar Land for a week and I stayed there with her 24/7. She got better but wouldn’t eat. They sent her home with us because we could manage her better and more comfortably at home. Did the antibiotic injections, nebulizing, coupage, and tried everything possible to get her to eat. She had arthritis issues prior to this and for some reason it got worse with this. Think again something else was going on. We had a sling from Gingerlead that worked great, but between not eating and finally not being able to walk or get up, we lost her almost 3 weeks after she aspirated. Was my nightmare I had lived with for 3 years with her. Felt like I hadn’t done my job, but I had become expert with ME issues, so now know we did everything possible. She has left a big hole in my heart that will always be there for her. I learned so much and am now working with Dr. Quick (who owns Sugar Land Vet Specialty) to get a books worth of info on ME on a website. Will be easier to give people info if in chapter form and what has worked form all of us who live with this daily. Anyhow, pray, learn and love your dear boy as long as possible. It’s not the ME that takes them if you are doing your job, but something else. Have joy and cherish each day as we did. I held Sonnig so tightly each time we fed and held her and told her how much we loved her. The 933 meatballs I made per day were a joy and I would love to still be doing so for our baby Taggie Bear. Our lives finally have some more joy with 2 (brother and sister) 6 month old German Shepherd puppies we got in Dec. I couldn’t stand our home without 4-footed babies.”

“If it ain’t broke…don’t fix it”

“So I took my buddy Sidney to the dog park today because it was really nice out for a January day. As always, he had so much fun and as always, there is water in bowls out at the park. I always make sure to give Sid extra Knox Blox before we go and I just feel lucky that he really has no interest in drinking water from a bowl. I assume since he was born with MegaE, that it is so much easier for us to manage this because he has only known how not to drink water from a bowl. I say this because he ignores the water bowls. Anyways, what I love is that Sidney is allowed to be a normal dog. He can have fun playing with other dogs and it really makes me happy to let him be normal and happy. YES, I watch him closely, but we really have our system down and we have a happy and normal dog. Does he have MegaE? Yup. Does he care? Nope!! That’s all that matters to me. So if you get the diagnosis and wonder what your fur kid’s life will be like. It will be great. Just get your system down and let your dog be a dog and enjoy having fun. It has worked for us. And I am so much happier, living though Sidney’s happiness.”

“I want to wish everyone who comes to this site, both here and across the seas, a very Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year. I pray for comfort for those who have lost their dog or several dogs, as for us it will be sad , with our yearnings to see them again. Some have lost family members, as my Dad had passed away this year, as well. Some are exhausted from the care their ME dog is requiring right now and need strength, some have AP, and so may other circumstances. Just remember to hang on to your faith and allow the Lord to show you what He can do, through prayer. God Bless each one of you.”

“It’s early yet, but this seems like it’s going to be one of those weekends when we should all hold each other in thought and prayer.You are all close within my heart along with the families and animals we love so much.”

“Don’t cry because it’s over: Smile because it happened!”…Dr. Seuss

“It is never easy with these ME babies as you already know. Life seems to get stable, but can turn so quickly and you have to always be alert to what’s changing and what may have affected it. However, I know we were meant to have these special dogs. To me, God blessed us with them because we WOULD do everything it takes for them to thrive and live as long a quality life as possible. It’s not the easy part of life that defines us, but how we manage the obstacles placed in our way. I feel he also gave them to us to learn, educate and be the ambassadors to this horrible disorder where others long before us couldn’t do so with such a loud voice. This group has gotten so large and experienced with each member and that is the voice needed to move toward necessary measures not only to help treat already diagnosed ME babies, but to someday eliminate the chance for occurrence. Only you and Little Dog will know when that time for departure is necessary. All our beloved furbabies who have already gone either “told” us they tired of the fight or there was a definitive health reason that caused them to leave. Either way, you will know. Fight the greatest fight you can while you have your dog, so you can always know you did everything possible. You only have one life to live on Earth and Little Dog does too.”

“We are happy to share the love and support that helped us on those difficult days with our golden (Maggie) – and return it in kind to everyone in this group. People in this group provide hope, understanding, and guidance – something that is never forgotten.”

“Hope is the companion of power, and mother of success; for who so hopes strongly has within oneself the gift of miracles.”

“Don’t EVER think you didn’t do enough for your Marley. When things happen so suddenly and we have to fight so hard, it is most difficult to comprehend the why’s and what if’s. However, you had done all your “homework” and gave every ounce of your being to Marley in hopes of continuing life. Sometimes, it’s just not enough and though we have fought the great fight, it is always God’s will. This does not mean the pain and suffering is any less acute, but it will soften as time goes by as you always remember everything about this special furbaby. I know God will place the right baby in your arms again, so you can give like you did for Marley. For those who try so hard and struggle so long are awarded benefits that most can never experience. We go forth and meet the challenges head on in hopes of educating and providing support for as many with this disorder as possible. Allow yourself time to grieve and know all of us share this time of sorrow.”

“I cried for weeks, but today, I remember the joy of Codydog. It will take a bit of time, but remembering the joy and the beauty Banner brought to your family is the best honor. Please do not blame yourself, you did soooooo much, sometimes, there is nothing else you can do but let him go….Forgive yourself and don’t second guess your decisions. Banner wants you to be happy and maybe find another friend to cuddle up on the end of your bed and share the joy you once shared with him.”

“Life truly is … not the length of time the flower blooms, but the beauty of the flower in bloom that matters.”

“I feel the same way–totally exhausted and anxious all the time. Since Otis was diagnosed with MG and ME in December, our lives have totally revolved around him and his schedule. Otis is recovering from another bout of AP but now that he is tube fed, we have 7 feedings a day because he can’t tolerate too much at once. And every day it’s something–once we get that “something” figured out then it’s “something else.” I think that all that is required of us is to to do our best (which is different for everyone)–everything else is out of our hands. I have no control over what happens to Otis, but I know that I have control over me and just try to do my best for him, one day at a time. When I remember that, I can relax a little bit and focus on the rest of my life. Otie’s illness has taught me just how short and precious life really is and it is a gift to just be able hold and love him every day.”

“To those who have lost a beloved family member, please remember that each of
them knew how much they were loved, that they are now pain free, and that you will meet again one day. We believe that they are still watching over you and that one day, when the time is right, each of them will send you another furkid to love and care for. Remember that they are never truly gone if you hold them in your heart. To those who have knowingly taken on an ME kid, there is not a single word to express how much you are appreciated. Many of us ended up with a ‘special needs kid’ simply through the fates. We are to be commended for continuing that battle, however, those who have knowingly taken on an ME dog truly
deserve their angel wings. To all who continue the battle to provide their beloved pets with the best quality of life possible, you are doing good work. Please understand that each of us knows how difficult it can be. Celebrate the good days and try not to worry too much about the more difficult ones. Know that there is a higher power working along with you to help your baby out. Take time in each day to listen with your heart to how much you are loved by your “kid” and be sure to let them know how much they are loved in return. “

“The Lord has brought many to this site to help them with a disease that can incredibly change in a flash, to being vibrant then, at death’s door. It takes alot of commitment, energy , money at times, but also, has great rewards that far surpass the doom. There is a special bond that cannot be achieved then through taking care of a ME dog. There is a place that draws closer to the heart than any other . Total dependency on the owner can be very stressful, but in the long run the Bible says: ” I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” I would not have asked for another road to have traveled. I have learned much.”

“I know that you are grieving and will for a long, long time. Try to remember all the good times you had together, the times Baron made you laugh, the times he was there as a shoulder to cry on. If he could speak to you now he would say, “It’s okay Mom. I feel great! I have made a bunch of new friends, some who also had ME before they came to the Bridge. We are running around like crazy and eating everything in sight: grass, kibble (there is a never ending supply!!), and an occasional pine cone or two. Please do not feel badly, I know you did everything you could for me and that you let me go because you didn’t want me to suffer and you loved me ‘as big as the world. (I have a new friend Calamity (and her mommy is Kali’s mommy now ) — Calamity says her mommy used to say that all the time, I love you big as the world. That is how much I love you.) I miss you a lot, but do not want you to be sad. Please give Sasha a hug for me (I would say a lick, but you would probably think that would be too gross!) let her know that I miss her but will see her one day too! I will wait however long it is to meet you at the Bridge and show you around one day. Try to be kind to yourself.”

“Dogs… how they inspire us with their loyalty, courage, and trust. And how they teach us the simple lessons of life every day… to howl at the moon and smile into the sun – to greet each day as one filled with adventure and to enjoy every moment with such joy!”

“If tears could build a stairway And memories a lane I’d walk right up to Heaven And bring you home again.”

“I wanted to share this. For those of us who love our pets as much as possible: What Animals Know About Death and Guilt (Adapted from Beezers10 Reasons Not to Feel Guilty as told by Beezer to Doug Koktavy) If you’re born, you die. It’s something we’re all going to do. Fear is the real enemy not cancer, kidney, heart or any other disease. Fear is curable. I’m with you right now (just invisible) and always will be. Don’t be afraid. Trust me. Live with balance. The list of what went right with my life is so much greater than that of what went wrong. My body died from disease but my life and my spirit always soared because of you. What you focus on expands. Honor my life and memory. Feeling guilty (and probably for nothing) won’t help you remember all our good times, adventures and mutual love. Live in the moment…the present! Yesterday was a dream. Tomorrow is promised to no one. If you spend too much time with them, you’ll miss today. Didn’t you always forgive me if I made a mistake? I forgive you for any mistake you think you made or actually may have made without knowing. You made the best decisions possible with the information available at that time. All I took with me on my final earthly journey was our love. Please release the guilt so there’s room for tender memories and love. Pat yourself on the back in-between crying. Your efforts to care for me were a supreme act of friendship, love and compassion. Our relationship was never more meaningful than during those last days. Please recognize your character and commitment. I do. Most guilt is what humans have invented to punish themselves for not being perfect. You didn’t cause or have a cure for a fatal disease. My body stopped working because of that, not because of something you did or did not do and I was glad to be released from it.”

“I have been through this several times and it is NEVER easy! I totally understand what you are struggling with! I know sometimes dogs will rally and it is usually for our benefit as they feel the angst you are experiencing and want to ease your pain but the fact remains that a decision often times needs to be made. My horse vet gave me some incredibly GREAT advice when it was time to put my old horse down. He said “When you are considering euthanasia in an older animal with a poor prognosis it always better to be a month early rather than a day late.”

I had to send the dog of a lifetime, Barkley” to the rainbow bridge last March and it was so hard!! He was so devoted to me he kept hanging on for my benefit. I know I did the kindest thing by letting him go…I am crying as I am writing this…but making the decision is the hardest thing because it is so final. In regards to Rua lying at your feet dreaming….I have a theory about why dogs “kick and run” when they are dreaming. I’ve noticed it gets more pronounced as they age. My theory is when they dream they actually cross over and play and run and do all of the things they love doing at the rainbow bridge….they come back because they are devoted to us. The most noble, devoted thing we can do when their hope for recovery is limited and they struggle with their very existence is to free them from this bondage and allow them to stay at the bridge. I am sending prayers for strength, wisdom and peace!!”

“It was thru that support group that I was able to get over myself and enjoy each  day that Teagan and all my other loved ones have with me. Now, 10 months later I’m no longer the crying scared newbie and I’m able to offer hope, compassion,  and insight to others. It was also thru that group that inspired me to find a group for Lobo’s ME. And again the amazing people that offer so much to others that really are nothing more than names on a screen! I’ve learned that perfect strangers can be more compassionate, empathetic and supportive than some of my friends and family! I’ve learned that you can care about virtual strangers, and that there really are still some amazing people out there in a world filled with road rage, terrorists and selfishness.I’m so blessed, not only to have all my loved ones (14 horses, 4 cats, 4 dogs and a great family), but to also be entrusted with my special needs dogs – Teagan & Lobo, and because of them I have learned about myself, life and helping others.”

My favorite 2 quotes learned throughout this…”Not Today! Not Without a Fight!” – Laurie Kaplan author of “Help Your Dog Fight Cancer”

“Experience: that most brutal of teachers. But you learn, my God do you learn” – CS Lewis”

“I agree too. I would have not asked for another road to travel. I have learned much and take it to heart and count it a privilege to have Rusty part of our family. The Lord can use us in many ways”