Separation anxiety unique approach:

Senior Dog with Separation Anxiety Finds Comfort and Cuddles in Mannequin Dressed Like His Dad:
The article below was posted on one of the support pages for Hemangiosarcoma (HSA), BUT was in addition to others saying the same thing and a few pictures of how well it worked for their dog.
This is a very unique story about using a mannequin to help with separation anxiety issues with a dog.  Many of us have that issue with our ME dogs and have even tried placing our clothing on pillows, lose in the area they stay while we are gone, etc. In case that didn’t doesn’t work, perhaps try this and can stuff clothing with sheets and towels instead of buying a mannequin to save money until you see if it works.

From the owner on the group who also posted this picture and how it is working for her dog: “A friend of mine has a dog who suffers from severe separation anxiety. To solve the problem she has tried all sorts of medications and lotions. However, she decided to try one last thing–she got a stuffed dummy, dressed it her clothes and sat it in the bathroom. She never lets the dog see her and dummy together, and so far it’s working. This picture is both sad and hysterical at the same time, but it seems to be working. She came home the other day, and found her precious pet sleeping at the foot of the dummy and not stressing and tearing up the house. Whatever works!”