FOOD, FEEDING, MEDS, WATER & MISC (when you have an ME dog and normal dogs):

xxxxx & xxxx: (non ME dogs)
Royal Canin Vegetarian (in cabinet next to back door; extra in pantry)
Please add any of the following to their food: (we usually use 2-3 choices per meal)
Sliced apples – bottom shelf in frig
Sugar snap peas –bottom shelf in frig; break in half and use about 10 each
Cut carrots – same as snap peas
Diced mozzarella cheese – bottom shelf in frig, sprinkle on top of food

1. Feed 2 times a day
2. Use Royal Canin Vegetarian kibble
3. Fill pink large plastic cup in kibble bag & place ½ in each of their bowls
4. Mix in choices of 2-3 additions from above, add some water and stir

1 time a day: ONLY after evening meal (already broken in correct pieces in blue plastic white top container)
Apoquel tablet (her allergy med) – 1 ¼ tablet
Immediately give 1 round molasses treat from plastic baggie

xxxxxx: (ME dog)
Purina Pro Plan Sport 30/20 kibble mixed 50/50 with Castor & Pollux Pristine chicken, turkey, lentil recipe (extra in pantry)
Purina Pro Plan Savor chicken & rice entrée canned food (extra in pantry)

1. Feed 2 times a day
2. Place ½ can of canned food in her bowl with 1 C water then mash really well, stir in ½ container soaked kibble (on shelf in frig, red top plastic container)

When all food is prepared and everyone is ready to eat in same area:
1. Get ME dog in chair and secure door
2. Give non ME dogs their food where feeders are placed
4. Sit next to ME dog and hold  bowl at angle so esophagus is not bent in half – can eat out of bowl now
5. Give ME dog bone filled with baby food from freezer when  done eating

NOTE: IF someone doesn’t eat, please use blue top container, place what is left and refrigerate to use next meal. 

1. PLEASE make sure they all have a chance to drink water while you are there
2. Located next to xxxxxxxxxxxx room
3. Bowl may need to be refilled
4. Please do not give ice cubes

When you leave the house after a visit:
1. Gate into the family room, kitchen, hallway to master bedroom & bedroom (leave bedroom setup just as is but shut bathroom door so they don’t get in there)
2. Can leave water room door open as they won’t have access unless you are there
3. Close slats on back door if opened
4. Secure (lock in place) gates at hallway to office and hallway on other side if moved
7. If nighttime or dark outside, you can leave the lights on for full kitchen; they are LED so can easily be left on as long as you want and don’t get hot also on dimmer switch so don’t have to be full brightness unless wanted

Routine and emergency meds location plus schedule for giving:
On shelf in pantry in orange container. Heartworm, flea, and tick meds in same and given according to calendar.

Sleeping and kenneling:
All sleep in bed with us. Once you say time for bed and open gate, they will run in and get where they sleep. IF any of them bother you, kennel and see below for whose goes where.

Accidents in the house:
Paper and cloth towels are in case someone throws up or potties in the house. Can’t hurt the carpet, so if this happens can you please just get up any particulates using paper towels then put a cloth towel on top of the spot so we can find it. IF you need to use regular towels or xxxxxxxxx does something on any of the blankets, please toss in washer and we will wash when home.

Picking up poop in back yard:
Just in case, plastic bags and trowel are on top of cabinet outside that also has lots of towels if needed (we use 2 towels at back door when it rains then dry in dryer and rotate with some from cabinet if needed). Don’t need to pick up poop every time they go, but we do try once/day or every other day.

Keys and access to SUV:
Extra set of keys are in normal location. In case you would need to transport any to Dr H feel free to use our vehicle.

Leashes and seatbelts: just in case of emergency
All dogs have been taught to be seat belted when transporting
Leashes and collars at back door; seat belt harnesses inside pantry door on left

xxxxxxx – pinch collar & leash for walks & transport, plus seat belt harness
xxxxxxx – pinch collar & leash for walks & transport plus, seat belt harness
xxxxxxx – red slip collar & leash for walks & transport plus, seat belt harness

Contact info:
Owner name and cell
Owner name and cell

IMPORTANT: By our request and basis emergency instructions and our Last Will & Testament, xxxxxxx xxxxxxx at xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx cell has permission to make any and all (non-emergency & emergency) decisions for all our dogs on our behalf if we cannot be reached. Please see those specifics in the separate document.

Name of designee by Will
Cell number

Dr. .xxx xxxxxxxxx at  xxxxxxxxxxx cell (for non ME dogs) or
Dr. xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx at  xxxxxxxxxxxxx cell (for ME dog if emergency)