One ME dog owners idea for helping others who have an ME dog have access to someone to “watch and care for” their ME dog either for a daytime appointment or vacation:

“Hello to all my so-wonderful ME care givers!

Through our experiences and through sharing, we have all learned so much about the real life needs of giving-care to our ME family. It is experience and caring that can’t be easily duplicated outside of our circle! So, I am reaching out to those of you in the northern NJ/southern CT/metro NY area to see how interested you might be in forming a “care sharing” group…something like young mothers do with a baby-sitting co-op. We all dearly love our furry family members yet there are times that call us away from their care. Finding like-minded and like experienced care-givers is almost impossible. Wouldn’t it be great if we could help each other out now and then?!?!?

I am the go-to person for my sister’s me/mg dog, xxxxx, but sometimes even I (retired, live alone with lots of love for every dog) can’t help out. I’ve taken the good suggestions that I got to my post on this site about finding good, knowledgeable care for xxxxx when I can’t give it but it is a very steep hill with no good results so far. I figure that many of you are in the same situation. Let’s get together to pool our love and our knowledge to care for our ME family so that we get the rest and refreshment to keep on keeping on. What do you say?

And, I hope that maybe those of you in other parts of our wide world might try to do the same thing. It will blunt the advice of those who say that taking care of our ME family takes too much out of the rest of our lives. Oh no! Through them we’ve met each other on this board, and through them we’ve networked in the most wonderful way to assure their best care and the continuity of our lives.

I am hoping that I will hear from some of you no matter where you live. This has to be the next level of care that we create in this extraordinary on-line community. Let’s get real!”

Other ideas:

IMPORTANT: These are not for permanent placement of your ME dog. These options would provide you means to take short time away safely for appointments and possibly short vacations. This also does require you training whomever cares for your ME dog as to everything needed for the safe management, but also in event of emergency. Testing this is also suggested meaning you do at least 1 trial run while you are in view to make sure you and the other person(s) is comfortable doing this. Having it in writing and out for them to see easily is also highly recommended.

Doggie daycare
Boarding at your veterinarian or boarding facility
Pet sitters who come into your home
Family members
Vet techs
Another ME person in your area
Rescue in your area who might have an ME experienced person