Sildenafil Survey:
(From ME dog users)

To supply additional information about Sildenafil and its effects on megaesophagus dogs, a survey was done using a questionnaire through two social media groups from February 1st through April 30th 2018. Dog owners were asked to only take the questionnaire if they had tried this drug with their dog. They were asked to only take the survey once. If they had just started on the drug they were asked to wait at least two weeks before taking the survey in order to achieve more accurate data.

76 Responses were Collected and Analyzed
Question 1. What breed is your dog?
Alaskan Malamute (1) Australian Shepherd (1) Basset Hound (2) Beagle (2) Bernese Mountain Dog (1) Boston Terrier (1) Boxer (3) Bulldog (1) Chihuahua (3) Collie (1) Dachshund (2) Dalmatian (2) English Springer Spaniel (1) German Shepherd Dog (11) Golden Retriever (3) Goldendoodle (3) Great Dane (2) Great Pyrenees (1) Havanese (1) Irish Setter (1) Irish Wolfhound (1) Labrador Retriever (4) Miniature Schnauzer (1) Mixed Breed (14) Newfoundland (1) Pembroke Welsh Corgi (1) Pomeranian (1) Pug (2) Shih Tzu (1) Siberian Husky (3) Tibetan Terrier (1) Weimaraner (1) West Highland White Terrier (1) Yorkshire Terrier (1) 76 Respondents

Question 2. What type of megaesophagus does your dog have?
Congenital megaesophagus (born with it) (42) Acquired/Idiopathic (cause unknown) (24) Acquired caused by Myasthenia Gravis (8) Acquired caused by Hypothyroidism (1) Acquired caused by Addison Disease (0) PRAA or Stricture (1) 76 Respondents